How come such a pill cost so much?

Cialis price is not the lowest one, Viagra might be even cheaper. However, you must know, as a customer, that for a quality, you must pay more. Cialis represents one of the best choices for men all around the world, that are having problems with erectile dysfunction syndrome and they fear they might collapse and fail again when the time comes. No wonder the price is higher because Cialis contains a completely different compound although they work the same. For people allergic to cheaper Sildenafil is Cialis the best choice. Cialis is also used by people who want even longer duration and better results – Cialis can last up to 36 hours! Don’t worry though, you won’t have erection the whole time.

Before I buy the pill, should I consult my doctor?

A little checking before buying the product might never hurt since you might be using different medicaments and drugs that don’t go well with Cialis. Before you invest, even if it’s your health, you should always be advised because it would be a shame if you discovered you might be allergic to Tadalafil, contained in Cialis or that you might have a heart disease for which you are not able to use this drug.

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